Councils & Committees

Parish Council:

Chair Person: Elaine Shearer

Kayla Peat             Allan Allphin

Lee Lepley             Chris Freiburger

Gabriela Nino       Loretta Watkins

Mary Jo Bireley    Lisa Palmer

Mary Merchich     Jon Yankowiak

Jennifer Craver

Buildings & Grounds:

Contact: Greg Rockstroh  260-747-0210

Finance Council:

Chair Person: Nancy Boyer

Rosie Jackson      Jim Conroy

Kim Wyss              Skip Sandels

Eric Peat               Deb Parrine

Liturgical Council:

Chair Person: Rev. Lawrence Teteh

Debbie Hall            Chris Hawkins

Nancy Jenkins       Vince LaBarbera

Beverly Rieger       Gary Rietdorf

Mike Savieo           Linda Thomas 

Scrip Coordinators: 

Jessica Leffers & Adrienne Schafer

Fall Festival Coordinators: 

Chris & Carin Freiburger

Knights of Columbus Council:


Contact: Pete Duran

Saint Vincent de Paul

President: Mike Mowan

Assistance Voice Mail (260) 747-9130

Youth Ministry (grades 5-8)

Contact: Chris Lill

Terry Tescula (260) 341-3829

Betty Williams

United for Life

Contact: Betty Olry (260) 747-0337

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