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The Saint Therese School HASA organization is looking forward to an amazing school year. We would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to all new and returning families.
Our mission is to develop and encourage the community of St. Therese School by helping and supporting
OUR children and teachers.  
EVERY St. Therese School family and staff member IS a part of HASA.  Our ability to serve the children, families, and school community depends on our having ACTIVE members and members to demonstrate the value of involvement, to serve enthusiastic volunteers and to help raise funds to help the school.  It is through our active membership and enthusiastic volunteers that HASA is able to host so many beneficial programs throughout the year. We invite you to take an active role in two or more of the volunteering opportunities.

The #1 reason to become an ACTIVE member in HASA is to benefit your child!
Create Opportunities- to support and align parents and teachers in the pursuit of educating our children
Discover Resources- HASA offers a variety of events
Tap into a Network- Get place to meet other parents and teachers, build a relationships.
Watch yourself grow- Volunteering with HASA, you will gain experiences.  It is an opportunity to put your skills and hobbies to good use for a good cause for your child and your community.
Speak up- HASA is a place for exchanging ideas, and you are encouraged to make suggestions. 

By providing all families with this information, we hope to achieve continued involvement and support from those families currently involved, as well as encourage more families to become involved with the organization.  Please email HASA if you are able to help with any of the events.  We will not be able to have these awesome events without your ongoing support and help.​

Spirit Shop

HASA has School spirit items and clothing for sale. 

School Logo Earbuds      $2.00

School Logo Can Coozie     $2.00

School Logo PowerBank      $8.00

School Colors Hairties              $3.00 or 2 for $5.00

School Logo Gym Bags $5.00

STS Car Decal Stickers $5.00

School Name Pens $1.00 4 for $2

School Name Pencils $0.30 4 for $1

School Logo Key Chains $1.00 3 for $2

Spirit Wear - Students can wear to school on Mondays only
School Logo Sweatshirts $25.00
School Logo Tee-Shirts $8.00 
Designed by student Spirit Shirts  $10.00


Please fill out an order from and send in to school and please mark on your envelope Spirit Shop Order





Papa John's Night​







Check back for more updated info. 

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